Aston Martin AM64
Fall 2021
14 Weeks

Aston Martin continues its partnership with Quintessence Yachts to build a sports yacht for a very special client. One that demands speed, festivities, as well as a place of meditation and re-focus.

Meet our client, Pierre Gasly.


25, France
Aston Martin Formula 1 driver             

Grand Prix Winner

For a 64 foot vessle,
Speed and Style
are his utmost priority.

Pierre has 2 ways he intends to use his sport yacht.

Party Boat by Day.

Ample, dynamic deck space for day activies with buddies.

Sanctuary by Night.

Place of recharge and refocus between races.

Day. The Off Weekend

This week is the off week between the Austrian and French GP, and Pierre decides to take Saturday off to hang out with his buddies. They sail the yacht out of the Monaco harbor, and speeds off into the distance to find a beautiful secluded spot to anchor down and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Night. A Sanctuary of Zen

It's the Wednesday between the Belgian and Italian GP. There is no time off, therefore no time for entertainment and expenditure of energy otherwise needed for racing. Pierre decides to sail out into a quiet piece of water with his trainer, and use the space to recondition his body and re-focus his mind.

Practical transformability opens up as much deck space as possible when the sun is out, with a pop-up railing that enables the fore deck area safely accessible, and the helm can be opened up to the elements with a lightweight convertible top.

Inner Sanctuary.

The hull interior design is still considerate of the other use cases whereas it would be occupied by many people (and sometimes the whole party of guests when the weather takes the wrong turn). So a fairly open concept approach is taken, and space efficiency is maximized.

Although the sanctuary impression is not lost, the horizontal hull opening is placed at eye level for both the seated and those lying on the Olympic Queen mattress. The lighting is soft and gentle, and the CMF choice is sympathetic to the calmness one would be pursuing in such a state of mind.

The Design.

At 64ft in length and 14.7ft beam, the design process was a constant back-and-forth battle between proportional purity and interior space. The powertrain is a 2550kw combined hybrid unit giving us an advantageous floor level and improved efficiency, with plenty of reserve power to lift the yacht into planing mode.
Surfacing Inspo - Marine Tensioned Canvas
Proportional Inspo - Classic Coupe


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